Mama Lucia’s Pizza

It started out as a labor of love, by Lucia Tumminello, otherwise known as “Mama Lucia”.  When Lucia immigrated from Italy, to St. Louis, and settled in the famous Italian neighborhood “The Hill” she brought with her a special recipe for pizza.  The pizza pie was so good, word spread and  requests from friends and neighbors grew.

From her kitchen, Mama Lucia’s Pizza, the original, St Louis style pizza – Thin crust and provolone cheese, was born.   In 1981 Lucia and two of her sons set their goals on bringing their unique pizza to the masses.  The Tumminello’s approached every local grocery store, convincing them that their pizzas would be a hit.  Mama Lucia’s frozen pizzas became one of the top three, most successful frozen pizza providers in the St. Louis market, distributed to grocery stores and convenience stores all over the St. Louis region.

After 22 years, Mama Lucia sold the company. Acquired by Salutare Foods, it is now known as Lucia’s Pizza. Lucia’s Pizza expanded rapidly, into a hugely diversified frozen pizza manufacturer, providing a variety of pizzas for distribution to grocery chains, private labels and fundraisers.